The Industry Shift: Repair Technology, Cybersecurity, and More

Join industry analyst and evangelist Donny Seyfer for a fast paced look at what is next. Some of the questions Donny will answer include:

  • Consumer needs and attitudes toward vehicles are changing. Why?
  • Identify this generation’s buggy whips. Are you still offering buggy whip service?
  • How technology impacts your job and what is all the hubbub about cybersecurity?
  • What does the new business model look like?
  • How can I help my students to prepare?
  • What is the story with the “technician shortage”?

About the Instructor

Donny Seyfer Donny Seyfer is the Executive Officer for the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF). His responsibilities include assisting automotive technicians and locksmiths with information necessary to repair vehicles. NASTF helps to resolve information gaps by acting as a conduit between the repairer and the OE in service information, tool information, education and NASTF’s marquee program, the Secure Data Release Model which allows independent service professionals to apply and received credentials to access key and immobilizer codes from NASTF’s OE partners.

Donny is co-owner of Seyfer Automotive Inc. in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, founded in 1961. He has well over three decades of automotive service experience as a technician, manager and service consultant – expertise he shares in various industry roles.

Donny is an ASE Master / L1 advanced diagnostic technician and C1 service consultant, and has been a participant writing test questions and working on passing score studies for ASE.
Donny also is active as a telematics/connected car/cyber security initiatives leader, and is a member of ASE Education Foundation board of directors.