In-Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diagnostics

This class will explain how an in-cylinder pressure transducer (electronic compression gauge) is used to diagnose engine mechanical problems. Instructor John Thornton will discuss why it is the most efficient method to diagnose engine mechanical issues.

Topics discussed:

  • Known-good running compression analysis
  • Exhaust path restrictions
  • Intake path restrictions
  • Cam timing issues
  • Valve leakage

John uses these techniques almost daily to diagnose engine mechanical problems.

About the Instructor

John Thornton John Thornton operates a mobile diagnostic business in the Chicagoland area. John assists his repair shop customers with both engine and transmission driveability concerns, module programming, BU communication issues, and electrical diagnosis.

John also conducts training seminars nationally for professional repair technicians through Autotrain, Inc. These seminars combine real-world problem solving with system operation. These seminars focus on developing efficient diagnostic techniques through a thorough understanding of both the system under discussion and the diagnostic tools available.