Electrical Testing Strategies for Low and High Voltage Circuits

AVI instructor John Forro walks you through the practical ins and outs of low and high voltage electrical theory. There is lecture and examination of electric vehicle components.

Forro shows the proper testing and service procedures involved with traditional 12 volt systems and the newer high voltage components found in electric vehicles. High voltage components covered in this course include the HV battery pack, inverter assembly, converter assembly, electric air conditioning compressor, and motor generators 1 and 2.

A heavy emphasis will be placed on safety as well as real-world applications of testing and repair procedures.

About the Instructor

John Forro John Forro has achieved ASE Master certified automobile technician with L-1 Advanced Engine Performance certification. John has authored 20 automotive manuals to date, produced several automotive training videos, appeared in many of the industry trade magazines and won the Motor Top 20 tool award for Silver Bullets.

John has been featured in several of the Automotive Video Inc. training films on such subjects as Silver Bullets, Quick Check Diagnostics and Mode $06. You have read John’s articles in the industry trade magazines such as Under Hood Service, Brake and Front End and Tech Shop.

John continues to be a working automotive instructor and technician, which enables him to relate well with technicians and instructors. John has taught for several of the industry’s leading companies and provided emissions training for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, New York, Nevada, California, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, New Jersey, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  John is extremely proud of his reputation for providing excellent training classes and course materials.