New Teaching Strategies Based on the Current Reality

Join facilitators Jason Bronsther and Drew Barnes for a roundtable discussion on what you are going to see this coming school year or what have you already tried. Bring your ideas, thoughts, and share best practices on the following and more.

  • What tasks must be presented in a hands-on learning environment?
  • How are schools planning to operate this fall?
  • The impact of the pandemic on registration.
  • How do we teach while social distancing?
  • Would you participate in round table discussions throughout the year to share experiences and best practices?

About the Facilitators

Drew Barnes Drew Barnes is automotive instructor at Vale High School, in Vale, Oregon. He has 12 years of teaching experience with the last nine of those at Vale High School. Vale High School Automotive Service Technology is a comprehensive four-year high school automotive training program, which like many programs offers students the opportunity to graduate with ASE certification.

Prior to teaching he worked as an automotive technician in both a GM dealership and an independent automotive repair facility. Drew is a 2005 Graduate of the General Motors ASEP program. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and a current NACAT board member.

Jason Bronsther Jason Bronsther has been an automotive instructor at the Western Quebec Career Centre (WQCC) for almost 18 years. The WQCC is a vocational training centre in the province of Quebec, Canada. The program is a Ministry of Education-funded program that allows students to attain their Vocational Diploma in Auto Mechanics. This diploma allows students to work anywhere within the province of Quebec.

Most of Jason’s working automotive background is in the Japanese car market, specifically with Nissan. Jason spent eight years working for Nissan and another two years working for Honda before entering the teaching profession. Jason holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Sherbrooke and is a NACAT 2019-2022 board member.