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President's Update - September 2018

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Patrick Brown-HarrisonPresently we can celebrate the 2018 conference, hosted by Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport PA, as another truly successful conference. NACAT is fortunate to work with schools like Penn College and their amazing staff and students. Penn College has hosted NACAT twice in the past and this conference (their third) was indeed another fantastic conference. This year’s conference schedule was packed with amazing seminars that provided an immense amount of professional development as well as some great networking opportunities. I would like to again thank all of the faculty, staff, and students of Penn College who participated in the 2018 NACAT conference. It was an amazing experience.

Recently, while sitting around the lunchroom table, one of our instructors who attended his first conference this summer said, “I wish I had gone to a NACAT conference sooner. What I got from the conference was amazing.” This statement provides us with an important opportunity to discuss...

‘What is NACAT?’

NACAT is an organization that provides its membership with:

1. NACAT News and NACAT E-News publications containing industry relevant articles and advertising.
2. Access to scholarships available for educators and students for professional development.
3. An Annual conference that provides:

a. current and relevant training.
b. secondary and post-secondary teachers with opportunities to achieve professional and personal development goals.
c. opportunities to interact with the authors of the textbooks used in class.
d. an introduction to tools relevant to today’s automotive training, service and repair.

4. Affiliations with national and international organizations.
5. NATEF updates and specific training.

Beyond this, NACAT offers a professional organization for Automotive Educators. The organization provides the opportunity to bring professionals together to learn and develop strong personal relationships. It has often been said “NACAT is a family.”

I hope that this issue of NACAT News has found you well and that you are embarking on another great year, both personally and professionally. In closing, I would like you to take a moment and reflect on your membership in NACAT. Do you want to be part of the professional association that comes from being a NACAT member? Do you want to be part of the camaraderie that comes from being a NACAT member? Or would you like to be a member that enjoys both?

NACAT develops and grows through the active participation of the membership. NACAT will grow and develop when individuals come forward and become part of the corporation. Now is the time to begin thinking about running for a position on the board. Now is the time to think about how you and your colleagues can support NACAT and its membership. In the time between now and the next conference, look for updates on how NACAT is changing and growing to support you, our members. At the same time, look ahead and see how you can support your fellow educators and in what role that may be. No idea is insignificant in regards to the growth of this organization, and change has to begin somewhere.

I wish you all the best for a great year ahead. I look forward to seeing you in Calgary, July 15 - 18, for the 2019 conference.

Patrick Brown-Harrison

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