How to Teach CAN Bus Diagnostics with Information Mostly Available at the DLC

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This presentation will cover the basics of teaching CAN Bus diagnosis with information available at the DLC.  We will use a multi-meter, 2 channel DSO and a Scanner to allow the diagnosis of a CAN Bus system.

The first part will be a review of CAN Bus. The why, how, and why not will be covered.

The second part will cover how a student can use the stated tools to capture enough information to allow for a diagnosis of a non-functioning system without having to disconnect any factory connectors.

The presentation will involve the use of PowerPoint, PICO Automotive and live Scan Tool (Autel) data. There will be question/answer time and a handout will be available for download.

About the Instructor

Al Santini Al Santini has been teaching automotive for many years. First as a high school teacher, then area vocational Center and retiring out of the College of DuPage. After retirement he started Automotive Consultants, working in vehicle emission states. 8 years ago, he became a Technical Trainer for ConsuLab.

Al has been a NACAT member for 32 years and given many presentations at the annual conferences. Al’s philosophy is to give you something you can use tomorrow. Not heavy theory, but hands on experiences that can be used in today’s classroom and lab.