Meet Ed Martin

Hello, I am NACAT board member Edward Martin.  I am just about to begin my 12th year of teaching Automotive Repair at Pickens Technical College in Aurora Colorado.

I am an ASE Master technician with additional certifications in MLR, Light Duty Diesel, and Advanced Engine Performance.  I am also a Ford Senior Master technician, and I have 37 years of experience in the auto repair field.  I also currently serve as the Pathway Chair for transportation department at my college.  I have spent the lion’s share of my career working in Ford dealerships in both the Lincoln Nebraska area and in Denver Colorado.

My transition into teaching was fairly seamless as I was always teaching an apprentice while in the Ford dealership role.  I decided to formalize my role as a teacher because of the satisfaction I felt when my apprentices would leave my bay and make it on their own in the shop.  Teaching is by far the most rewarding part of my long career and I hope to continue this for many years to come.