About NACAT eNews

Welcome to NACAT eNews, a monthly digital publication of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers. The e-newsletter is intended to build awareness and dialogue within the automotive community of instructors, students, program administrators and other individuals, companies and organizations supporting or whom are interested in moving automotive education forward.

NACAT eNews will feature articles across four primary categories, in addition to multimedia and other content:

  • DIRECTIONS — will share a look at new-term inbound technologies, trends and issues that those involved in automotive education and the workplace today need to know about and prepare for.
  • A DAY IN THE LIFE  OF — will tell the stories of the faces of NACAT, such as an educator, industry supporter or other individual, to give readers a glimpse of their personality, challenges, achievements and their journey to where they are today.
  • STUDENT SPOTLIGHT —  will engage with students aspiring to an automotive career by sharing insights from educators, technicians, shop owners and others who can enhance or broaden their learning. We’re also curious what students have to share.
  • INSTRUCTION INSIGHT — will provide an online train-the-trainer sharing of techniques, resources, concerns and ah-has from NACAT presenters, aftermarket trainers and other experts, all geared to giving educators more traction in the classroom and lab.

Please feel free to share NACAT eNews with your fellow instructors, students, school program administrators and others, and invite them to take advantage of the free subcription to NACAT eNews. In addition, anytime you would like to share a comment or suggestion, provide constructive feedback or offer to contribute content to NACAT eNews, contact us. We’d welcome your engagement in building this community.

ThankQ Kindly!