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Here you will find FAQs regarding the NACAT web site.

How to add files to the NACAT Shared File Repository

Please follow this written tutorial to learn how to add files to the NACAT Shared File Repository.  A video screencast tutorial will be available soon.

When on NACAT.ORG go to the “Resources” menu item in the main menu.  You may click on it and then click on “Shared File Repository” in the left menu or you may click on the drop down “Shared File Repository” menu item that appears when you initially hovered over “Resources” in the main menu.  The direct url to the Shared File Repository is:

When one visits the repository page, a list of categories and folders/files is visible.  This represents the available categories into which content can be placed.  Most categories have subfolders.

The easiest way to share content is to choose into which category and subfolder the content will go.  Click on the category and any required subfolder…a person will see a list of content already submitted and published to that respective folder.  At the bottom right of the page, click the “Submit a File to Share” link and icon.  This will open the upload form for that folder.

The upload form is very straightforward.  If you need to upload multiple files, click “Click Here If You Need To Add Multiple Files”, otherwise proceed as follows.

  1. If the file is one you have on your computer, use the new file browse to find it.  If it is hosted elsewhere, please put the url in the url field.
  2. You can add a thumbnail (very small) for your file if wanted.
  3. Choose the location (category) in which you want your file to reside.  If you had previously drilled down to the level you wanted, as stated in this guide, then that category will be your only option.  If you did not, then you will have a variable sized list of categories from which to choose.
  4. Give Your File a Title
  5. Give Your File a Description so that others will know what it is and why they may want to utilize what you are sharing.
  6. Check the “Autogenerate Short Description” checkbox.  It will create a short description for when your content is viewed in the category list.
  7. If you want members to have to agree to a specific license before downloading your file (other than the default license used by the Repository), insert your wording.
  8. If you want to ensure users must agree to your license before downloading your file, please be sure to check the “Must Agree to License” Check Box.
  9. Put Your Name in the “File Author” field.
  10. Put Your E-mail Address in the “E-mail Address” field.  This field will not show up when content is viewed in the repository, but it is required in order for your submission to get approved.
  11. Click the “Submit A File To Share” button at the lower left of the page.

This tutorial is also downloadable in pdf form (with an annotated screen capture) from within the Shared File Repository.

Click Here to Go To Its Page!


How do I Log-In for member access the first time?

Now that NACAT.COM has successfully undergone its transformation it is time to let the members know how to best take advantage of the site.  As you may have already noticed, if you have spent some time perousing the site, some features a for "members only" while many are available for the general public.  Features that are member only require that the member be logged into the site.  Such features include access to the 2007 NACAT NEWS, posting capacity on the discussion forum, and various other tasks---so, please log-in each time you visit for the best results.


To aid in the process, please see the following: 


How do I log into the site? A great question that I am certain all will have initially.  Current members have been pre-registered into the system and will have a login ID comprised of their first initial and last name. The password will be your registered NACAT zip code + "n" if in the US and the registered postal code if in Canada (in all caps).

For example, the fictional Mr. Skip A. Stone from Blackstone, VA who has a registered NACAT zip code of 23824 would use the following to log in:

userid: sstone
password: 23824n

If he resided in Canada, perhaps Edmonton, Alberta he would use the following:

userid: sstone
password: T6J6P8

Once you log in for the first time, please change your userid/password combo to something you feel entirely comfortable and secure having. Please also check your profile to ensure all information is accurate and, if you feel generous, complete any missing information.  The link to edit your profile is found under the "Join Nacat" menu and is ONLY accessible after logging into the site.


Also, since the site is new, please note any errors or "bugs" you might encounter.  I would appreciate any that are found being reported in the web thread in the discussion forum. 



How do I register to use NACAT.COM?

Registration to use NACAT.COM can be accomplished in two ways.  A person can either register electronically or complete and mail the registration form to the NACAT office.
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