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2012 Georgia NACAT Conference Committee Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was held in conjunction with the TIEGA conference, at Columbus Technical Institute on January 28, 2012. Those in attendance were chapter President Don Faircloth, chapter Secretary Mason Miller, committee members Toby Heard, Johnny Rickerson, Mike Hagan, Matt Turner, and Alan Shepherd. Also in attendance were Sonny Reeves and Carol Burke.

The meeting was called to order by Don at 9:35 A.M. He welcomed all in attendance and introduced the agenda as being specific to coordinating the Georgia NACAT annual conference. The group discussed the past meeting and reviewed the process of creating a conference committee and what role the committee played.

Nearly everyone in attendance asked the most pivotal question of when to hold the conference. We agreed that everyone was having issues getting presenters and vendors locked in due to our lack of a date. Many in the group stated that some presenters needed six months or more notice and that we had to set a date immediately. We hold our meeting the day before Camp T&I and we have to have that date set before we can confirm our meeting date. Sonny Reeves introduced Carol Burke as the new state ACCT program specialist and they were brought into the discussion. We all agreed that Savannah Tech was a great venue for Camp T&I and that we would love to return in 2012. Carol was asked if a date could be set and she said that the date of June 11th- 15th, that the group requested worked for the state department but we had to confirm that date with Tal Loos, President of Savannah Tech. I stated that I would follow up on that date and Sonny Reeves offered to contact Tal.

The group then discussed presenters and vendors. Don said the he would distribute a list of past and potential resources. We voted to increase our vendor booth rental to be raised to $100. We also stated a need for registration forms so that presenters could list ahead of time any facilitative needs. Everyone agreed that Effingham Academy would be the best option for our NACAT meeting and our trade show. We also discussed food for the event and Johnny Rickerson stated that he would speak with Keith Cornell to verify that Effingham was an option. If available, we discussed starting the event at 2:00 P.M.

The group then discussed hotels, availability, and rates. We discussed having a conference hotel. Nothing definitive was put into place but we agreed to communicate in the near future on the matter. We also discussed family activities that were available in Savannah. Don stated that he will get in contact with an area representative and have some ideas put into place.

We exchanged the most current means of communication between the committee members and pledged to do everything possible to make the event a success and to grow the Georgia NACAT membership. After thanking the group for their continued support, Don adjourned the meeting at 11:20 A.M.

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