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Steve Gibson Named 2016 NACAT MVP

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Steve Gibson

At the recently completed 43rd annual North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT) conference, held in Pasadena Texas, Steve Gibson was named the NACAT MVP by NACAT President Curt Ward.

Steve Gibson has been a NACAT member since 2009. Steve has worked as a technician, customer service trainer, and a dealership program coordinator. He is currently the Program Coordinator for Education and Technical Training for K&N Engineering. Steve is also a member of ATMC and a NACAT Education Foundation Trustee.

Steve has been a part of the automotive industry since he was sixteen. In his spare time you will find Steve working on cars, driving karts, hiking and camping, watching NASCAR events or competing in land speed events in his 1971 Chevrolet Camaro.

“During his time with NACAT, Steve has served as a member of the NACAT Board and has served as the Board Chairman”, stated NACAT President Curt Ward. “Since joining the NACAT leadership team Steve has provided a needed perspective of an educator from outside the traditional classroom setting. This perspective is making NACAT a better, more relevant educational organization. I am proud to have presented the 2016 NACAT MVP award to Steve Gibson.”

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