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President's Update - September 2017

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Patrick Brown-HarrisonThis is my first address to you the NACAT membership as the President. I am certain that you, much like myself, are deep into the beginning of another school year. It is exciting to see the new students arrive and look for the returning students. I am excited that we as educators have the opportunity to celebrate a new year, twice a year. We celebrate a new calendar year in January and a new education year in September (okay, many of us start in August, but we always associate the New Year as September).

Firstly, I would like to recognize those involved in the 2017 Instructor conference at Macomb Community College in Warren MI. The 2017 instructor’s conference was a great success, and this success was a result of the hard work and diligence that the host team invested. I would like to recognize the staff at Macomb Community College. I would like to recognize the presenters for the seminars that they delivered. I would like to recognize the sponsors for the support they provided to insure the success of the conference. I would like to recognize all that participated in the trade show. The trade show introduced a numerous amount of new products, new systems and new ways to perform our jobs. I would also like to recognize Bill Haas and the board for the investment that they put into the success of this year’s conference. I would also like to thank each of you that attended the conference. I would also like to thank all of the family members that attended, you were also a part of the enjoyment and success of the 2017 conference. As in any event that has many layers and is multifaceted, like the NACAT Instructor Conference, there are many individuals who provide support. Even I may not know who they are, so moving forward please help me in forwarding on appreciation to any and all that participated in the 2017 NACAT conference. Since they limit my space I can not be detailed but if you visit our NACAT and Conference websites you can see more specifics.

This issue of NACAT News is my opportunity to introduce myself, and provide you with updates and news about NACAT. Many of you have seen me around NACAT for a long time. To find out more about me, I encourage you to visit our web site and view my bio along with the other members of the board. What you may also see there is that we (the board members) have the same or similar experiences as you. Yes, that means you, too, can be a NACAT board member.

The last year for me has been a very busy and rewarding year. I was married, to a beautiful woman who truly has brought new meaning to my life. I am also gifted with her support of me. I have just finished a year of major renovations on my house (all that work to sell it). I am also now the President of NACAT. All of these have been life altering and rewarding experiences.

As I sat down to write this, I found myself looking at how these three events have many similarities and reward. As I begin a new life with a wonderful woman, I begin a role as President of an amazing organization. I renovated a house taking it from an older house with deficiencies and rebuilt it to a newer house that is modern and is more efficient in many ways. As a part of NACAT’s executive team, I am a piece of an organization that is currently in a renovation process: it is becoming a newer and more effective organization for its membership. Unlike the house renovation I am not looking to sell NACAT. I am looking to share it with the automotive educators. While I can reach out and share NACAT to my networks, I need your help to go further with sharing NACAT with other educators. Will you help share NACAT?

Moving forward, as your President, I will work to share with you: who, what, where, when and how NACAT is. I encourage you to visit our website and NACAT News for updates. These update will be coming to you from Steve Gibson (the Board Chair), Curt Ward (Vice-President President Elect), myself and many others.

NACAT and its membership would like to hear from you. You can participate in many ways, and can submit articles for posting on the web and in NACAT News. NACAT can offer you the opportunity to develop and grow as an Educator. NACAT can also offer you an opportunity to facilitate change in the automotive industry and the education process. If you feel strongly about something and want see and make changes, become an active member of NACAT. Feel free to contact myself or any member of the NACAT team, we would be happy to assist you in accomplishing this.

Patrick Brown-Harrison

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