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President's Update - April 2018

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Patrick Brown-HarrisonI was sitting at my desk, marking tests and reviewing student progress, reflecting on the progress of the current classes. I took a break to put down a few words for this, the last edition of NACAT News before our summer conference. However, I found myself drawn back to the stack of paperwork sitting in front of me and how it is supposed to represent the effort and work that each individual has produced thus far. This suddenly became the subject of my address to you, the NACAT Membership.

We are much like the students in our classrooms. We have desires and a drive for accomplishment. We make a conscious decision on where we gain our education to best fulfill our drive and desires. Very similar to the students in our classrooms, we can be overwhelmed with what life throws our way, but we take it in stride and ensure that we don’t let it get in our way of completing what we want to and have to do. There was a point in time that we each made a choice to become an educator. The journey to where we are today has had its many twists, turns, and challenges. We address these and continue to develop and grow as individuals and as educators, much like our students do. There were marks that we received along the way that some said defined us. We didn’t let them. There were moments that we didn’t understand or comprehend what was occurring at that time, but we didn’t give up. We persevered. We allowed people to assist us along our journey, and we reached out to individuals to help us on our journey. Even today we still revisit these moments.

I would like to offer a few opportunities for your review.

  • Do you see an individual in your classroom who reminds you of yourself? Do you see an individual that you feel has what it takes to be an automotive educator? Do you see someone in your class that has what it takes to be a leader? This first opportunity is “what are you doing to help them reach their potential?”
  • What are you doing to help the automotive industry grow? What are you doing to support the automotive industry? The opportunity is “what are you doing in your community to grow the automotive industry?”
  • What do you have to offer to automotive education to ensure that it continues to grow to meet the ever-changing needs? I highly recommend sharing NACAT with other educators, inviting other educators to the NACAT conference, sharing NACAT News (electronic and paper versions) with everyone, and being a part of NACAT.

For updates on how NACAT is working for the membership, follow along with us at, and be certain to read both NACAT News and the new, monthly NACAT enews. If you wish to really learn what is happening, discover some of the best practices within the profession and industry, and get involved, then the annual NACAT instructor conference is for you. if you haven’t done so already, go to the conference website at to register for the conference and select the seminars in which you wish to participate. NACAT provides many opportunities for us to develop and grow as educators.

I would like you to join me this summer, while at the conference, at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. While together we will take a moment to thank the faculty and staff at Pennsylvania College of Technology, NACAT staff, NACAT Foundation staff and trustees, and the NACAT board of directors for doing their normal duties plus many hours of extra work to ensure that the conference is the success that we have come to expect. Much like our students we made a decision of where to go for our personal and professional development, we have chosen the NACAT Instructor
Conference at Pennsylvania College of Technology because we know what to expect. Not only will we benefit from the training we receive, but our students will also benefit.

I look forward to seeing you and all of the people that you have invited to be a part of developing and growing the automotive industry through education.

Patrick Brown-Harrison

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