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President's Update - January 2019

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Patrick Brown-HarrisonHello to all,

As you are reading this, I recognize you are busy and well into classes. Let me begin this edition by reminding you to register for the 2019 conference in Calgary, AB. Make sure you have booked your hotel, and start making arrangements for your travel to Calgary. Booking does not cost you anything, but it does ensure you will have a room. If you have been to Calgary before you are aware of what to expect. If you have not, you need to attend this conference. The faculty and staff at SAIT have always worked to ensure that the conference is extraordinary, and this year’s conference will be no exception. Visit for updates. I look forward to seeing you in Calgary in July.

Change! This is something that can either be revered or feared. Here in Alberta we are currently going through a full curriculum redesign. “Redesign”, that word often brings the strongest of educators to their knees. The work required to create new outlines, and then develop the materials to support it, is immense. As Educators do we not take on this challenge and ensure that we create the best. Do we not say: “Our students deserve that!” This is reflective of where NACAT is today. “The NACAT membership deserve change”. For those of you that attended the conference in Williamsport you would have experience some of the new changes. Changes that ensure you are receiving the support that NACAT is known for. With that one of the largest changes will be how NACAT reaches out to the membership. NACAT News will remain, but there will also be NACAT E-news (an electronic publication to reach out between the edition of NACAT news), changes to the website, and, finally, the use of different social media updates. This enables you to be able to stay apprised of what NACAT has for you without taking you away from your already busy schedule. NACAT will use multiple forms of media to reach you, the membership, and we require you, the membership, to share with other educators. NACAT is as strong as the membership, and the stronger the membership becomes the greater the support each individual educator receives.

Lastly, I ask you to reflect on what NACAT is to you. Do you want to give back to the membership? Put your name forward, and nominate yourself to sit on the board of directors.

I look forward to seeing you in Calgary for the Instructor conference. Stay in touch with NACAT.

Patrick Brown-Harrison

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