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Pete Kaufmann Named 2018 NACAT MVP

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Kaufmann MVP

At the recently concluded NACAT conference in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, hosted by Penn College, Pete Kaufmann was named the 2018 MVP.

NACAT President Patrick Brown-Harrison explained the selection by stating, “The NACAT MVP award is presented to a NACAT member who has demonstrated his or her support, advancement of or truly embodied what NACAT represents, develops and supports. One of the many exciting honors as President is the awarding of the NACAT MVP award at the annual awards banquet. This year’s award winner was Pete Kaufmann.”

Pete Kaufmann is, and has been, a member of NACAT for many years. He has held positions on the NACAT board, chaired many committees, and has served as President. Pete currently heads the NACAT elections committee while being a member-at-large, not a board member.

Brown-Harrison further explained, “Pete was selected as the NACAT MVP for 2018 because of his incredible support to NACAT and it membership. He can always be counted on to act as a voice for the NACAT membership. Pete has done much to ensure that automotive educators are supported and represented for benefit of the automotive industry.”

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