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NACAT Member Log-In

If you have registered to be a NACAT member through the online form, or have changed your username/password combination in the past, please log-in using the credentials you have created.  If you cannot recall what they are, please use the "Forgot Login" option to the left to retrieve your username and/or password. 

Members who have joined by using a group membership form or by mailing a membership form to the NACAT National Office are entered into the system with a standardized credential format that can be modified after first login.  A person who sent their membership (not renewal) form to the National office via postal mail will have a login ID comprised of their first initial and last name (lower case as the system is case sensitive). The password will be your registered NACAT postal code + "n" if in the US and the registered postal code if in Canada (in all caps and no spaces).

For example, the fictional Mr. Skip A. Stone from Blackstone, VA who has a registered NACAT zip code of 23824 would use the following to log in:

userid: sstone
password: 23824n

If he resided in Canada, perhaps Edmonton, Alberta he would use the following:

userid: sstone
password: T6J6P8

Once you log in for the first time, please change your userid/password combo to something with which you feel entirely comfortable and secure.

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