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Instructional Associate - Automotive Technology at Golden West College

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Job Title Instructional Associate - Automotive Technology
Organization Name Golden West College
Organization Street 15744 Golden West Street
Organization City Huntington Beach
Organization State/Province CA
Organization Postal Code 92647
Organization Phone (714) 438-4714
Organization E-mail  
Proposed Start Date 7/25/2013
Potential Compensation  
Contact Name Human Resources
Position Description Golden West College Instructional Associate - Automotive Technology SALARY: $45,753.00 - $55,677.00 Annually CLOSING DATE: 07/29/13 DEFINITION: Under general supervision, provides instructional assistance and support tasks to students in automotive technology programs in accordance with assignments and directions from course instructors or other academic personnel; provides technical assistance to students, faculty, and staff in the use of equipment and technology in automotive programs; monitors and reports student progress; maintains, schedules, and oversees instructional programs in the automotive labs; assists with instructional operations; provides instructional support requiring up-to-date technical competence in related areas of automotive technology .   DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is a very broad classification in the instructional assistance area. Positions assigned to the class of Instructional Associate perform duties to assist and support a classroom instructor or other academic personnel, in a laboratory, classroom, or office setting. Specific tasks may vary depending upon the subject area and discipline to which assigned. Work is performed within a framework of established procedures which may not require the physical presence of the instructor or other academic personnel.   Positions in this class may exist in any of the instructional departments or divisions. Incumbents in the class of Instructional Associate are expected to have completed a minimum of two years of college with a major in the subject area to which their position is assigned or the equivalent. Recruitment to fill a position in this class should include the instructional area of assignment, such as “Instructional Associate (Art)” or “Instructional Associate (Mathematics)”.   EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: a. Assist instructional staff with the instruction, demonstration, and presentation of course assignments and materials for individuals and groups of students in automotive technology labs. b. Assist in the preparation of instructional activities. c. Assist students with laboratory assignments, course content, and study skills; review student work and coordinate appropriate tutorial sessions and supplemental instruction as needed. d. Orient students and new faculty on the procedures used and technology available. e. Monitor and record student progress and attendance; prepare and maintain related records and reports; evaluate student needs; confer with instructors regarding student progress. f. Recommend appropriate instructional materials, equipment, and technology to be used by students; maintain and test instructional materials, equipment, and technology to ensure instructional methods and course content is current, accurate, and relevant in accordance with instructor’s curriculum guidelines. g. Review safety operations and provide recommendations as needed. h.  Report, order and track inventory of tools and equipment handled by students for classes and demonstrations. i.  Respond to student questions and provide information regarding equipment, tools, and other related instructional resources. j.  Administer assessments and/or other testing, as assigned; collect data; implement post testing procedures. k. Conduct student orientations. l. Serve as a liaison with the community to promote, recommend, and enhance the automotive technology programs.  m. Assist in recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising student assistants. n. Assist instructorsin preparation of manuals, handouts, and training/teaching materials. o. Ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and priorities related to use and safety. p. Perform general clerical functions critical to the maintenance and efficiency of the automotive technology program. q. Participate in development of the budget and monitor expenditures. r. Maintain accurate records. s. Monitor inventory and order materials and equipment needed to maintain office, lab, and/or classroom. t. Participate on committees and attend conferences with instructional staff to exchange information and to remain current in instructional support techniques and procedures. u.Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.
Requirements Knowledge of: 1. Instructional and tutorial methods and techniques. 2. Student guidance principles and practices. 3. Automotive technology. 4. Community college curriculum and educational requirements related to the programs of automotive technology and related Certificate Program(s). 5. Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. 6. Oral and written communication skills. 7. Principles and procedures of record keeping. 8. Assessment tools and techniques 9. Tools and equipment used in automotive technology. 10. Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and consideration. Ability to: 11. Provide effective instruction and assistance to students enrolled in automotive technology programs. 12. Present and demonstrate instructional materials, tools, and equipment. 13. Tutor in at least one related subject area. 14. Develop tutorials and activities to facilitate student success. 15. Review student progress and encourage student participation. 16. Use, maintain, and make minor repairs to equipment. 17. Respond to questions and assist students as needed. 18. Maintain accurate records. 19. Work independently in the absence of supervision. 20. Plan, organize, and schedule a variety of work and activities. 21. Oversee the work of others. 22. Understand and follow oral and written instructions. 23. Recommend appropriate instructional materials, equipment, and resources; initiate equipment and supply purchases as requested to maintain efficient and current laboratories. 24. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. 25. Perform basic clerical duties and work with a computer and applicable software for word processing, data management, and equipment purchases. 26. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work, including individuals from diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic and disability backgrounds. Education and Experience: 27. Completion of two years of college with major course work in automotive technology or related field. 28. One year experience in an instructional setting as a tutor or in a similar position. 29. Or, any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities. LICENSES OR OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Some positions in this classification may require a valid California driver’s license and/or possession of a certificate of completion from an accredited college or agency relative to the assigned area and a valid certificate in CPR. Continuing education, training or certification may be required.
How to Apply APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Applications must be received no later than the posted closing date. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Electronic applications may be completed by visiting Once you have completed an electronic application, you may apply to open positions within the Coast Community College District by submitting the application and all other required materials. Required materials differ for each open position and must be complete when submitted for a specific posting. Instructions for completing applications and applying to posted positions are available online or by calling Applicant Processing at (714) 438-4714. All application materials become the property of the Coast Community College District and will NOT be copied or returned. Information for TDD users is available by calling (714) 438-4755. Application Requirements: To be considered for employment you must submit a complete application packet. A complete application packet includes: 1. A complete Classified/Management Employment Application. 2. A current resume. 3. A cover letter highlighting your qualifications for the desired position. 4. Answers to Supplemental Questions. To ensure consistency and fairness to all applicants, please do not submit materials in addition to those requested. Additional materials will not be considered or returned. Be sure to complete all questions and sections of the application. For questions which may not apply, indicate "n/a" (not applicable). If you do not know an answer, please indicate so, but do not leave any space blank. All applications will be screened under a process of utmost confidentiality by a committee of representatives from the college community (reference Board Policy 050-1-1). Please note: Possession of the minimum qualifications does not ensure an interview. Any documents that you are unable to attach can be faxed to (714) 782-6065. Faxes must clearly indicate the job you are applying to and your name.
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