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Board Chair Update - January 2018

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Steve GibsonHappy New Year! I cannot believe it is 2018 already. I hope you enjoyed a little time off, and had the opportunity to spend the holidays with those closest to you.

For many, the new year signifies a re-birth, or an opportunity to look ahead at the future. The NACAT family certainly has a lot to look forward to in 2018. The Board and Officers and our Business Manager have been looking ahead at the future of NACAT, and how we can configure our operations to allow NACAT to thrive for many years to come. Soon (very soon…) you will be able to know exactly who will be presenting seminars at this summer’s NACAT Conference, and which topics these presenters will be speaking on. How exciting is that?!? You will even be able to sign up for seminars when you register for the conference – a method which NACAT has never tried before, but I am confident will be a great step ahead. Be sure to register for the conference as early as you can – it is simple and easy – visit or call the NACAT office at (903) 847-8234.

Speaking of new things, did you know the NACAT Board now has an advisory committee, just like you have with your program at your school? I will be meeting with this advisory committee a few times each year to share with them what the Board has been working on, what direction the Board wants to steer the Officers to follow, and listen to their comments, criticism, concerns, and overall feedback. I am super excited to have this committee in place and to hear their advice so that the Board can continue building a better NACAT for our members.

Lastly, as we begin a new year, I hope you had time to reflect on the year past as 2017 came to a close. For everything I saw in 2017, all the things I learned, the places I traveled to, the activities I participated in, it is the people I met, both new friends and old, which I will remember the most. 2017 left me with a pleasant sense of optimism for the coming year. I can only hope my 2018 is as memorable, successful, and exciting as 2017 was, and I hope the same for you.

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